Corporate Source, LTD

csl logo-10-20-14Corporate Source Ltd. (CSL) is an office furniture dealership in Texas, specializing in quality, new office furniture systems & design. The owner of Corporate Source, Ltd. wanted a refreshing and conservative logo design that had a clean, soft, classy flair, while still commanding a strong professional appeal. The clean lower case type style combined with the red geometric tilted cube seamlessly integrated a conservative appeal with a touch of elegance. Then we splashed the company name in bold upper case letters for dominance and strength and authority.

Simple. Straightforward. Professional. Elegant. Cutting edge.
It’s what we do.
Give us a call.

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I have worked with D. Galen Graphics for over fifteen years. Darryl has consistently performed every task requested of him with a focus on creativity, extreme quality, and timeliness of delivery. He personally attends to every step of the graphics production process; from creative meeting start through press check and delivery. Darryl works with and for his clients with complete integrity and character. He treats each task as his own and each expense as if it were his money.

I could not be happier with Darryl Galen.

Michael Monette

CEO, Total Office Solutions Partners, LLP, Dallas TX